Thursday, February 9, 2012

Welcome to my blog. As some of my readers know I had started a blog a long time ago and abandoned it.  I hope to start using this little piece of the web to share my crafty endeavors with you all. This way I can share more photos and tutorials for things I make, bake etc...

Here are some things that I have created lately that I hope to blog about soon. Here are some sewing projects:

I'm making a few pillowcases when I have time or extra cute fabric to donate to ConKerr Cancer.

A Seuss patchwork outfit for my little man
When I see extra fabric my mind wanders and I find more projects for myself, despite a lack of time for most of these extra projects!

A picture of the kids!
My inspiration and/or my distractions, depends on the day really.

Hoping to share a lot of fun things with you.

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