Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day! 

We did a few Valentine's Day crafts this year. Just wanted to share some with you.

-Felt heart garland-
This idea came from Pinterest. The girls had a lot of fun threading the hearts on themselves and did a great job with the sewing needles. I was impressed that Callie sat through her whole project and saw it to completion. Then wore it proudly as a necklace!

The girls also made Valentine's cards for their playgroup. I had visions of fancy homemade ones (ok, not fancy, just finger painted or something, thank you Pinterest for filling my head with crazy ideas) but when I saw the store bought ones at the dollar store, I said, YES! A girl has to know when to say enough is enough. Eleni signed her name on hers and Callie added the stickers that held hers together. They had fun and it was fairly stress free.

Tomorrow we will be having some red/heart fun with food. Hoping to share with you later this week.

Have a fun day. 

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