Friday, September 1, 2006

Sewing prowess, thrifty or just cheap??

Either way it worked like a charm!

I just wanted to share my handy tips for creating cheap maternity wear. I recently lost weight, prior to getting pregnant, and have a lot of clothes that I have piled in a corner for goodwill. Fortunately, since I have been too lazy to take them to the drop off I have been able to use some of the items to make new and improved recycled items. I did hold on to a pair of black Dockers that were large and took me through my 4th month, but I knew come post pregnancy I wouldn’t wear them. So I figured if I could find a clever way, I could make them into maternity pants. Here are the instructions. The photo shown is similar to what I did, but not my handy work, I'll try to take a photo and post for comparison!

2” Elastic (sized for your waist)
Stretchy material (black) (I used an old tankini swim top that was in the good will pile)
Old pants (black) (standard rise waist)
Misc. Notions

So I cut the stretchy fabric so that it was about 2 ½ times the elastic width and finished the two edges (that is the benefit of using the premade top, one side is done already). I then made a tube for the elastic by sewing the stretchy fabric in 2” (or just slightly more than the elastic). I then cut the top off the pants. Right under the belt loops (right through the zipper which you should close and discard the pull tab). I then hemmed the pants so I had a finished edge. Nothing fancy (I’m not that good of a sewer!), just a small hem. Then I took my covered elastic and sewed it to the pants. Voila, low rise maternity pants with full elastic! They came out great. I was very proud of myself and I saved $30! Here is what I would have bought at Old Navy.

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