Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Every pregnant girl needs the following...

These are things that I found very helpful. They might not work for everyone, but here they are:

Maternity pant suspenders. I saw these things in a pregnancy magazine and they basically attach to your pants and your bra like mini suspenders. Of course they were charging $12, I found something similar for $5 at Joanns. Since the new maternity pants are low rise, these things are great. No more saggy pants!!

Motion sickness bands. I didn't need these (thankfully), but I did use them on a flying trip. Again, I'm not sure if they worked, but I didn't get sick and another friend has used them successfully.

Snoogle Body Pillow. I bought this one (snoogle at baby age). What a great invention. I didn't think I needed one at first, but then after starting to use about 4 pillows to get comfy, I made the investment. It's awesome!!

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